Iowa Grand Falls Casino To Provide Sports Betting Pending Legalization

  • Governor Reynolds will decide if sports betting becomes legal in Iowa.
  • The Grand Falls Casino will offer sports betting if the state legalizes it.
  • The Casino is not expecting a large profit margin from potential sports betting.

DES MOINES – Residents in Iowa are on the verge of legal sports gambling for the state. The only thing standing in the way of legalization is if the Governor of Iowa signs the sports betting bill currently at her desk. The bill made its way through the House and Senate before landing at the governor’s desk for final approval.

If the governor does sign the sports betting bill, then Iowa will join the handful of other states with legal sports betting. In addition to other casinos in legalized states, The Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort will offer up sports betting as well, if legalized.

The Grand Falls Casino offers slots and video poker, table games, poker, and much more. Next up on the list is adding sports betting, but there is no definite time when it will arrive. The state will still have to develop rules and regulations for the potentially newly legalized activity.

There are no high hopes on Grand Falls sports betting making large profits for the state, however. Sharon Haselhoff is the general manager at the Grand Falls Casino and golf resort. She believes there will be nothing new under the sun with the addition of legal sports betting in Iowa.

“It’s a way to bring something that’s already happening, just illegally, and bring it out into the open,” said Haselhoff.

July 4th is the soonest legal sports betting could arrive in Iowa after it goes through the administration process. Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort’s sports betting addition could potentially be up and running mid-summer.

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